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Formally established on the first floor of the Northern Teaching Building in 1960, BJUT library merely held a collection of 60,000 volumes.

In 1982, an independent library building, with an area of 8,000 square meters, was completed, promoting library's development. In1992, by adopting self-developing books management software, the library fulfilled automatic operation of daily affairs, becoming one of computer-managed libraries in China at a comparatively earlier time.

In 1997, electronic reading room was open, providing users with disc database retrieval, multi-media disc reading and web access service.

With the development of "211 Project", BJUT has advanced by rushes in discipline construction, scale of school-running, teaching as well as research. Hence, the budget for library construction has been improved. In 2002, the southern library, with an area of 12,000 square meters, funded by Mr. Shao Yifu and Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, was completed and named after Yifu. Nowadays, the total floor area of the library amounts to 20,000 square meters, with the capacity of 2000 readers' seats. Presently, the library realizes full open shelf based on a layout of integration of collecting, lending, reading and consulting and its weekly open hours amount to 99.5. In addition, 1000 information sink and wireless network make it possible for users employ various electronic resources inside the library reading room or in the nearby square of the library. Recently, based on discipline arrangement and developing program, the library not only increases purchase of printed text resources, but also selectively purchases vital databases from home and abroad, especially full-text databases. Up to now, the library houses 700,000 printed text, 60,000 e-books, more than 40 kinds of database resources (including web of knowledge, IEEE/IEE Electronic Library, EI Village, ISI Proceedings, Derwent Innovations Index, SPIE, OCLC Firstsearch, Elsevier, Springer-link, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, China Academic periodicals database, Wanfang database etc.), forming a documentation resource system which meets the demands of teaching and research.

Relying on document and information resources as well as favorable intranet environment, the library offers 24-hours service of collection catalogue search, database retrieval, virtual reference, interlibrary loan, and document delivery, playing an essential role in BJUT's growth.

BJUT Library, in cooperation with Capital Library, Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences, enjoys the construction and sharing of information resource. Being a member of OCLC, CALIS and BALIS, BJUT Library dedicates itself to support students and staff of BJUT in all areas of their study.

BJUT library consists of 2 offices (Office of General Affairs, Office of Digital Resources' Application), and 4 departments (Department of Acquisition and Cataloging, Department of Circulation, Department of Technical Services, Department of Information Reference).

Library Department:

Department of Technical Service

It is responsible for overall construction and operation of digital library, regular operation of the whole library ' s computer network platform and databases system, providing daily management and maintenance of electronic resources ' access as well as Capital Library BJUT Branch ' s circulation system, developing digital library processing system and offering users training.

Head :Guo Zhenying


Department of Acquisition and Cataloging

Acquisition and cataloging constitute a single department since the entire collections processing is done here as an integrated operation. That is, in addition to accessioning, catalogue entries are made here. The Acquisition Section is primarily responsible for acquiring any material needed to support the education mission and smooth functioning of the library. The Acquisition Section orders, receives, and pays for all material added to the library ' s collections. The purchase requests are considered from a faculty , a librarian or a student of BJUT. This section also manages the gifts and donations given to the library. The Cataloging Section provides and maintains access to the collections of The BJUT Libraries. In addition to its routine cataloging duties, the section provides support in the areas of catalog maintenance as well as authority control. To support current and changing academic needs, The Cataloging Section offers timely and accurate access to library materials to the BJUT Campus. It pursues excellence and provides leadership in descriptive and subject cataloging.

Head Liu Jian


The Reference Department

Staffed by information professionals, the Reference Department is the primary information center for the BJUT Library, providing library patrons with user education, research assistance, and numerous guides to the many print and electronic resources available in the Library. The Reference Department of the BJUT Library provides the university community with professional reference service in person, by email, and by phone. Telephone reference service is available by dialing (010)67392185 . You may also contact a librarian by e-mail at wenxian@bjut.edu.cn .

The Reference Office is located on the third floor of the Southern Library, Library users needing assistance in learning to use the Library's LAN or seeking guidance in efficiently locating materials in the Library are encouraged to consult with the Reference Librarian on duty. Please contact us for help in the way that best suits your need.

The mission of the Reference Department is to provide an information center which:

Enables students to acquire information management skills which support their pursuit of academic goals and knowledge;

Enhances the professional growth of faculty by supporting teaching and scholarship endeavors;

Provides professional intermediaries between users and information sources; and

Provides high quality information services based on the needs of Library users.

The goals of the Reference Department is

To provide access to materials and services that support the University's academic programs.

To maintain an information resource center that provides professional service in a user-centered environment.

To provide library instruction programs which enable users to acquire skills necessary to locate and use library resources.

To provide access to materials and services which support scholarship and teaching endeavors of the faculty.

To serve as an intermediary between users and technology-based library resources

Head: Li Yongfang


Office of General Affairs Service

Office of General Affairs Service conducts administrative, personnel, facility management, manages documents, file and records, and makes preparation for various meetings held in the library. It also performs other tasks to ensure the business continuity of the Library. Office of General Affairs Service strives to reach the ideals of efficiency, flexibility, innovation and quality service in its duties and functions.

Head: Fan Weiwei

Tel 67392063

Circulation Department

The Circulation Department is committed to serving library patrons by performing or assisting with various functions related to the accessibility and circulation of library materials. This service involves circulation, retrieval, and reshelving of most of the library's collection. Service is provided at the Circulation Desk, located on the second floor of both Northern Library and Southern Library. The mission of the Circulation Department is to provide appropriate levels of circulation services, collection maintenance, public assistance, and materials processing. The library user is our focus and excellent service to users is the mission of all Circulation activities. Library facilities of BJUT Libraries are primarily for the use of students, faculty, administrative officers, and staff of the University.

Head Wan Yunfang


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