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Library Cards

1. Current staff and students (Including International Students)use campus card to borrow a variety of materials and have access to library services.

2. Non-official BJUT Staff and students (Including Visiting Scholars, staff under contract system,exchange students, Teachers taking Refresher Course etc.)use campus card to borrow materials and have access to library services, provided that your academic affiliation grant you the access with written proof.

3. Non BJUT staff and studentscan apply for a temporary library card at the library service desk. You should take your ID Card and 1 inch photo for the application.

Two kinds of temporary library cards for applicants:

Resource Utilization Fee

Card Fee


strictly valid to read within the library





Valid to borrow 3 Chinese books per time




Office LocationThelibrary service desk on the Second Floor of the Library

Office HoursMonday – Friday 8:00 -11:30 ; 13:30-17:00


How to report a lost card

For Campus CardsReport the loss through any self-service Campus Card terminal machine on the campus or report the loss to the staff at the Campus Card Management Center.

For Temporary Library Cards:Report the loss to the librarian atthe library service desk.

How to apply for a replacement card

For Campus CardsReplace a Campus Cardat the Campus Card Management Center.You are liable for the card replacement fee of¥30to have a new card issued.

For Temporary Library CardsReplace a temporary library card with your ID Card ,1 inch photo as well as card fee at the library service desk.

What can you do with a Library Card?

1. The library card is the card for patrons to enter the library and borrow a variety of materialsfrom the library. However, rare books, reference books, periodicals, valuable texts and special collections can only be read in the library. Patrons should bring Library Cards with themselves whenever they enter the library and accept the inspection of the staff.

2. The library card must only be used by its holder. No lending the card to others. The offender shall bear sole responsibility for the consequences.

3. Please check and confirm the operation results carefully when borrowing materials.

4. The library card should be kept carefully. If damaged, it is not allowed to borrow materials.